Nelly Saunier invites you to discover her creation "Pin" at the Biennale Révélations, which will be held at the Grand Palais in Paris from May 3 to 8.

"Pin" is from the "Nature Transformée" series, inspired by the months she spent as an artist in residence at the Villa Kujoyama in Japan.

"Pin" gives the appearance of a resinous branch, which has been reworked to look like a winding bonsai tree, and died with kakishibu, an ancient Japanese dyeing technique that is obtained with the persimmon fruit.

As with all of Nelly Saunier's work, this creation is a trompe-l'oeil, an illusion where the feather disappears, letting our imaginations run free.

This creation is shown in the "Art(s) de vivre, savoir-faire français" exhibition organised by the Institut Français. Twenty ateliers and contemporary artistic craftsmen and women have been chosen to showcase pieces that highlight the excellence and innovation in French artistic crafts today.

Révélations : Biennale internationale des métiers d'Art et de la création
From May 3 to 8 at the Grand Palais in Paris
Stand A4 : Institut Français, "Art(s) de vivre, savoir-faire français"

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