The art of the feather: a little-known art in Japan

During a session organized by the contemporary art Gallery @kcua in April 2015 in Kyoto, Nelly Saunier initiated six Japanese artists, selected by the University of Municipal Arts in Kyoto, to the art of the feather –a little-known art in Japan.

Six months later, the fruit of this first initiation is presented in Onomichi Museum as part of the "Rendezvous" exhibition, which was organized by the Villa Kujoyama.

The students' creations are accompanied by drawings, models, photographs and texts created during the workshop.

The six Japanese artists who participated in this workshop are:

Ryuichiro Ando, ​​Art of dyeing
Genta Ishizuka, Lacquer technique
Kawano Ai, Textile Art
Momoko Fujii, Art of Printmaking
Michihiro Asuna, Textile Art
Murata Chihiro Textile Art

Exhibition: from October 10 to November 23, 2015

City Museum Onomichi
17-19 Nishitsuchidocho
722-0032 Onomichi - Japan

Photo credits: © HEART & Crafts

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