Nelly Saunier

Nelly Saunier discovered the art of working with bird plumage at age 14. She immediately realized that feathers would be her lifelong medium of choice to explore color and volume, to express her love of Nature and to give life to her dreams of flight.

In 1981, she became an apprentice plumassière at the Octave Feuillet vocational school, then moved on to l’École Nationale des Arts Appliqués Olivier de Serres, a design school where she perfected her sketching skills and broadened her artistic horizons. In 1989, she was called back to the Octave Feuillet school, this time as a teacher, to impart her knowledge of feather work and help foster new generations of plumassiers and plumassières.

From then on she also started working for a variety of great design specialists, costume designers, set decorators and couture houses.

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