“Lightness, delicacy and beauty: such are my sources of inspiration.”
“My creations emerge from a raw material full of living lushness and nuance. I love taking feathers to unexpected places, using techniques and textures to achieve unexpected results.”

For over 30 years, Nelly Saunier has used her creative talents to further the art of feather work, known as plumasserie in French. True to tradition, she takes pride in every stage of her profession, which includes procuring the feathers, washing them and preparing them for creative usage.

In time, Nelly grew from highly skilled craftswoman to Master Artisan. Today, the greatest jewelers and goldsmiths call on her to help them in combining feathers and precious gems into extraordinary creations. She relishes the challenges posed by such demanding commissions. But despite being frequently hired by the most prestigious brands and designers, she always sets time aside for her own artistic endeavors.
Feathers, feathers, everywhere... along with her expert mastery of ancestral techniques, a very creative personality and a great deal of dedication have resulted in a unique body of work.
Nelly’s artistic realisations reflect her ongoing reflection on the material and symbolic appeal of feathers, in their duality of natural ornament and protection. “I pour my heart into it, into this quest for beauty, for a soul...”
Having taught in a vocational school for almost twenty years, Nelly now only imparts her knowledge to hand-picked apprentices in her Parisian studio. Although a lot of her work revolves around the power of illusion that is typically associated with feathers, she finds much of her inspiration in the guileless honesty of Nature : “ Birds are born with their elegance. There is no deception in their appearance. They express a limitless beauty. That spontaneity, that expressivity: that is what I admire in them. Every feather carries its own emotion.”

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