When feather art meets floral art….

Every autumn, Paris and Kyoto stage a one-night event called Nuit Blanche (“White Night”) celebrating contemporary art.

For the "Nuit Blanche Kyoto 2015" festival, Nelly Saunier and Japanese artist Shuho – a Master of Ikebana – created a new show called "Wonders." In this unique live performance, the trees – strangler figs – along with the feathers, participate in the show with energy and elegance. Shuho, wearing a mask and feathers representing the majestic Japanese crane, whose wings are weaved subtly with the artist's hair, tells the story of the colors with precise gestures.

Real flowers are intertwined with flowers made out of feathers, in a skillful game of mirrors. The viewer does not know where the flowers begin and where the feathers end.

This delicate marriage of feather art and Ikebana, accompanied by Master Atsuo's flute, offers an enchanting performance.

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